Physical prototype

An object with known geometry and neutral external finishing is placed inside the interactive space

Tracking system

The sensors detect the object, recognize it, and send spatial data to the software platform

Software interface

The SW processes  the mapping in real-time, and while the user is defining the textures via interface


The system projects images and content onto the surfaces of the object, respecting its shapes 

An augmented reality technology based on projection which allow to instantly transform the aesthetic of a neutral physical prototype into a finished product. We use projectors to cast colored light on the external surface of an object and to change its appearance with high realism and accuracy. 


Why Only White's technology was born from a research project funded by the European Community (SPARK) with a clear objective: to develop a new generation of augmented reality solutions to stimulate creativity in collaborative product development processes. Thanks to the contribution of an excellent research team, coming from renowned European academic institutions, and the partnership with several companies, we have transformed this vision into reality. The result is a cutting-edge technology platform, ready to revolutionize the way companies face the creative challenges related to the development and customization of their products.

This cutting-edge solution developed in the world of research has become the property of WoW, an innovative startup accredited as a spinoff of Politecnico di Milano and incubated by the PoliHub deep-tech accelerator. To date, the company and technology have received prestigious awards including the victory of the Switch 2 Product innovation program and the call for technological valorisation of our intellectual property Brevetti+.